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QUESTION: Does this grief recovery work for getting over the loss of my pet?

ANSWER: Yes, it works for pet grief, as well as grief from the loss of a loved one and the grief associated with a divorce, even the grief you get from moving to a new location, or from graduation from school or the empty nest grief associated with a child moving out of the home, in fact, all kinds of grief.

QUESTION: Is this method painful, do I have to go over my emotional pain to get better?

ANSWER: You will have to bring up the emotions that are troubling you in order to get rid of them, but there is a way to keep them at a distance in your mind so you don't have to experience that pain as deeply as you normally would. It is almost pain free. But you can very quickly get over your grieving.

QUESTION: Will I forget my loved one or my good memories I have of my grief situation?

ANSWER: No, you will always remember a loved one, or the happy memories you had with an ex, or your memories from you old home place. EFT and NLP do not remove any memories, but they disarm the bad emotions you may have regarding those memories. Check the video page to see a couple of videos of how this works and you will get a better understanding of this.

QUESTION: Do these methods work on other emotional problems such as depression, sexual abuse, trauma, phobias, addictions, PTSD, weight loss, stop smoking, etc.?

ANSWER: Yes. I am at this time working on other websites that will be setup to help with these problems as well. Keep watching this website as I will link to each site as soon I get them up and running.

If you have other questions please email me at questions@griefrecoverythatworks.com and I will answer them and also put them on this FAQ page so others may benefit.